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Anandam Construction strives to deliver Customer Happiness

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Today, Anandam Construction is one of India's most respected Construction, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering companies with aNorth India presence. Our service portfolio extends across various industries like IT Campuses, Commercial Spaces, Malls, Hotels, Residential Complexes, Factories, Institutional buildings and Manufacturing Facilities, Healthcare and Transportation.Anandam Constructionis the best Building Contractors & Home Interior Company in North India. Anandam Constructionbelieves that a well-trained and efficient workforce is crucial for the development of the construction industry.

Anandam Construction strives to deliver Customer Happiness through creating Quality and Sustainable spaces by adopting innovative technologies and providing a rewarding & challenging environment to employees. We at AnandamConstruction, believe in ‘Thought Leadership’ and continuously strive to find better solutions and technologies that can help us deliver superior projects.

Different by design, Soul Space is redefining Living, Working and Shopping spaces across India with rapidly emerging shopping malls, residential projects and office spaces.

Anandam Construction is committed to environmental sustainability and preservation.We make sure our practices reflect our thought process and enable us to execute projects that can improve quality of life. We understand that each of our projects – whether a manufacturing plant, a software facility, a corporate office, a housing complex, heritage hotel or an infrastructure development project, directly affects the environment & ecosystem. We have always aimed at adopting procedures that protect the environment in every project that is undertaken, even after the handover to the client.

We create a healthy and safe work environment to ensure prevention of occupational injuries. We believe that every accident is preventable, and we implement this ideology in every project we execute through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Our commitment to zero accidents extends to every aspect of a project, from planning to completion, and from the boardroom to the manpower on site. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments across locations. We also work closely with our subcontractors and construction partners to enable them to adopt and mirror our commitment to safety and health. Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe, and our customers happy.